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Roam the seas from your own luxury yacht, exploit the peasants, get it on with sexy ladies, and throw stacks of cash with reckless abandon in Millionaire Simulator! This is the place to pledge your support for a game that allows the player to live a free and ideal lifestyle in a beautiful world. 

Current release: V0.1 - Very early alpha and the first public release. This build is more or less a proof of concept and made with limited external resources and assets. Thanks so much to the people who play and help test this game.

Current features:

  • The exterior of your own large, gorgeous yacht.
  • Ten million dollars at your disposal.
  • Earn interest on your money.
  • Drinking with drunk visual effects.
  • Eight women dancing and walking around the yacht who will strip depending upon the player's actions.
  • A (non-functional yet) bartender.
  • Long party playlist.

Future features:

  • Full sex animations.
  • Economy system to allow the player to properly exploit the working class.
  • First person body and animations.
  • NPC outfit control.
  • Voiced characters.
  • Better body models.
  • Customizable player.
  • Improved dialogue system.
  • Swimming and undersea exploration.
  • Water sports.
  • Unlock the interior of the yacht.
  • Functional bartender, complete with drink menu and different visual effects.
  • Drugs and unique visual effects.
  • Party games, such as strip poker and truth or dare.
  • Other maps, such as a mansion and private jet.

The goal of Millionaire Simulator is to provide the player with a free and enticing life, where the player can indulge in all the vices and pleasures out of reach for most people. The updates and direction of development for this game will be heavily influenced by the people who play, critique, and vote in polls. The development philosophy of this game is that it is very much a community project, and I hope to hear ideas and wishes from as many people as I can. 

Major updates will be released in accordance with our Patreon goals, while minor updates and bug fixes will be released approximately every two weeks. Patreon is the best way of funding this development, but just because the game is short of Patreon goals doesn't mean that work isn't being done. While money is certainly required to make this game work, I am focusing on game first, money second.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through this page, and thanks so much for a pledge to support this development. Happy sailing!

Install instructions

Extract application and the data folder to the same directory.


Millionaire Simulator V0_1_1 Linux.zip (23 MB)
Millionaire Simulator V0_1_1 Mac.zip (253 MB)
Millionaire Simulator V0_1_1_x64.zip (251 MB)
Millionaire Simulator V0_1_1_x86.zip (250 MB)

Development log


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Ladder is a bit hard to climb down and one of the girls on the bottom half clips through walls but outside of that it is alright.